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Did you know that the hard drive on your copier may contain a copy of every print or scan job ever sent to it? Beginning in 2002, nearly every copier used in business contains one, or more, hard drives that are capable of storing all kinds of data. Most digital copiers in service today store an image of every copy, scan and print job. Although it may be stored in a proprietary language or encrypted, once a hacker breaks this code, it is possible to gain access to your data.

Open Copier 1Some machines require no hacking at all! Just the press of a button and jobs can be reprinted on demand. Many copiers allow users to reprint any job on the printed job list. Copiers that have a print-and-hold feature store the documents until someone erases them. We can tell you from firsthand experience that, even after erasing, most of the information isn't cleared.

DCSI has received machines with customer's full home loan documentation still stored on the hard drive. We have seen investment documents, copies of customer checks and other forms of information containing names, addresses, social security numbers, bank account information and other sensitive personal data, everything a criminal needs to steal your identity.open copier 2

Many copiers also contain Information Technology (IT) information, making most IT managers cringe when they find out that their office copier has left the premises with a list of all of the user's email addresses as well as outgoing fax numbers and contact names. Many of these copiers also contain the IP address of the company's primary and secondary email server and, in many cases, a secure logon password.

Still not convinced? Other security risks abound! Most digital copiers have no firewalls or filtering. In an article from a major university, the IT department uncovered unauthorized use of a network printer/copiers: the students were using the copier hard drive as an exchange server for MP3 music files.

Protect your customers and your company. Call DCSI and let us evaluate your security risk and provide you with effective, business friendly solutions!


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