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It All Started With A Phone Call!

man on phoneHaving spent over 25 years in banking and financial services I have a thorough understanding of the critical need for data security. And so I was taken aback when I received a call from a friend who owned a highly successful copier sales and service business. This copier professional, now our Founder and Chief Operating Officer, explained that he had purchased for resale a used copier from a local wholesaler. The copier had previously been in service with a large title insurance company, he explained, and with the push of a button this copier produced a complete customer loan file that had been stored on its hard drive. Hard drive? Copiers have hard drives? And those drives store data even after the machine has been powered off? This was all news to me, and it was startling news!


The Hidden Danger!

I began calling friends and business associates in banking and other fields that deal with highly confidential information and the response was universal: "What do you mean my copiers are storing data?" It soon became obvious that, even in industries with highly developed policies and procedures around data security, these sophisticated machines were being completely overlooked. It was also readily apparent that there was no simple and effective means to secure or discard this sensitive information.


copier targetThe Threat Is Real!

Digital Copier Security was born and we began testing machines from several major manufacturers and the results were shocking. Our Chief Technology Officer found documents on nearly every hard drive we tested. Documents from investment firms, schools, title companies and non-profit organizations. Much of the information was highly sensitive and confidential.



We Are Here To Help!

What started as a simple phone call turned into a call to action! Digital Copier Security is on the cutting edge of an emerging crisis. We have committed all of our resources to informing the business community of this looming threat and to developing solutions to help businesses protect themselves and their customers. Please give us a call and let us assess your risk and help you develop workable solutions.



Bill Feigles

Chief Executive Officer


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