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Identity theft continues as one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars each year. In spite of heightened awareness, new legislation and improved safeguards, identity thieves continue to prosper.

Enhanced technology and improved security measures have restricted access to sensitive information in some areas. Many industries have tightened their control over confidential information, implemented focused policies and procedures, and designated persons who are directly responsible for data security. Yet the plague of identity theft continues as criminals become more resourceful, exploiting existing weaknesses and finding new points of entry. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that over half of all identity theft victims do not know how their identity was stolen!Chart 5

Digital Copier Security exists to inform businesses and individuals about an emerging area of vulnerability to the security of their sensitive data and to provide workable solutions to protecting that information.

Completely overlooked in most business environments, and virtually ignored in existing and pending legislation, is the fact that today's multi-function peripherals capture and store data on an internal hard drive. The machines we have come to know as "copiers" now perform a number of business functions including copying, faxing, scanning and printing. They are highly sophisticated and contain hard drives and other forms of memory that retain information, even after the machine is powered off.

It is ironic that most companies go to greater lengths to protect information contained on the paper output of these machines than they do to secure the vast amounts of data stored, and fully recoverable, in digital format.

While copiers are in service, data stored in these seemingly innocuous office machines is accessible by:

  • - Employees
  • - Customers (for machines in areas accessible by the public)
  • - Service Technicians (both genuine and imposters)

Of even greater concern is access to sensitive data once the machine is removed from service. Once a machine leaves its service site, data is accessible by:

  • - Shippers
  • - Wholesalers
  • - Warehouse Employees
  • - Domestic Used Equipment Buyers
  • - Foreign Buyers (many used machines are shipped overseas!)

This threat is real and the lack of attention paid to it is alarming. Explore our site and learn why Digital Copier Security should be your first line of defense against unauthorized access to the non-public information contained in your multi-function peripheral!


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