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ship 2Thousands of used copiers leave U.S. businesses every month. At lease maturity, at the end of their useful life, or anytime a company wants to upgrade features or update to the latest technology, new copiers are installed and old ones are removed. But where do they go? And what happens to the sensitive data that resides on their hard drives?

The first question is fairly simple to answer. Used machines are typically shipped directly to wholesalers who specialize in their resale. At various places throughout the country, huge warehouses stand full of used copiers. These wholesalers offer the better machines for sale or bid to retail copier dealers who purchase and resell them to their clients. While there is no reliable data available to establish an exact percentage, the majority of used copiers do not make it back into the domestic market for resale. In order to make room for the constant flow of returned machines, wholesalers pack them into cargo containers and ship them to overseas buyers.

Whether sold to foreign or domestic buyers, these copiers leave the wholesaler with their original hard drives, and other storage devices, full of their previous user's information. If you've ever shipped a copier from your premises, you have potentially sent thousands of pages of sensitive customer data and company information into the unknown!

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