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Businesses, Schools, Police Departments, Medical Providers Among Those Exposing
Sensitive Information; Data Filled Hard Drives Shipped Overseas

Shingle Springs, CA - December 3, 2008 --Identity theft continues to plague Americans at anestimated cost of over $50 billion annually. While lawmakers and businesses seek to implementsafeguards and to better inform the public, one significant threat remains largely unaddressed: thedata stored on hard drives inside of digital copiers. Digital Copier Security Inc. (DCSI), a Californiabased company, uses forensic data recovery tools to prove that used copiers sold into domestic andforeign resale markets often contain highly sensitive data.

DCSI has tested machines previously used by insurance companies, investment firms, medicalservice providers, schools and even a police department. Copiers from all of these sectors containedprivate information. "These machines can be like do-it-yourself identity theft kits. They often containnames, addresses, social security numbers, tax returns, medical records. Sometimes it's companybusiness and sometimes it's personal information that employees have printed, scanned or faxed"says Bill Feigles, the company's Chief Executive Officer.

"We exist because of a data security breach by a large title insurance company" says John Juntunen,DCSI's Founder and Chief Operating Officer, "I was working on a used copier that I purchased whenit was returned at the end of its lease and, with the push of a couple of buttons, out popped acustomer's entire loan package. It was that incident that led us to develop security solutionsspecifically for copiers."

When is this data at greatest risk? "No doubt, the greatest risk is when the copier leaves the controlof its current user. We buy these used machines from wholesalers who will sell them to anyone onthe resale market" says Feigles. More shocking is the fact that wholesalers ship a high percentage ofthe less desirable units overseas. "I've watched them pack shipping containers two layers deep withmachines to be shipped overseas. Most of those copiers have hard drives just full of sensitiveinformation. People have to start taking this threat seriously!" adds Juntunen.

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