Compliance surrounding HIPAA/ARRA and the FTC Red Flags Rule presents a unique challenge and a continually moving target. Fines and sanctions have never been higher, and the public relation consequences are potentially devastating, particularly considering the breach notification requirements imposed by these regulations.

In response to these challenges, Digital Copier Security has developed the HealthCare Partnership Program (HCPP).  When combined with our INFOSweep process, HCCP provides a comprehensive security solution to address the full range of regulatory issues including:

Risk Analysis:
Assistance in remedying HIPAA plan deficiencies caused by failure to identify Copiers and Mult-Function Peripherals/Printers as sources of PHI.  DCSI is able to identify and evaluate specific makes/models of machines to provide real and relevant plan information.

HIPAA Plan Compliance:
Plan amendment/update services including ePHI inventory, security procedures, and remediation protocol.

HIPAA Security Official training, existing employee, and new hire training modules customized to your needs.

Remediation Planning:
INFOSweep remediation schedule, budget, and price guarantees.  Interim Control & Access Training and Equipment Pre-Purchase Assessment.

Business Associate Considerations:
Documents Business Associate Notification (including PSOs), training, remediation, and Agreement Amendment services.

If you haven’t considered the threat of multi-functional peripherals in your overall data security planning, the time to do so is now!  Browse through our web site for more detailed information on the unique security challenges posed by copiers, faxes, printers and scanners.  To obtain information specific to your operation, or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (530) 903-8327.


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